New to the job market, new grads may not appreciate how long it can take to land a job. Unfortunately that may lead the recently-graduated to take “just anything,” which sometimes leads to giving up the search for a real, career-starting post-grad job.

Looking for a job is similar to conducting sales. After all, you are conducting a self-marketing campaign, pure and simple. If you find your energy flagging, and your hope in need of rekindling, take some advice from sales professionals:

  • Remember that even talented sales people contact a prospect, on average, 30 times before they land a meeting. Sales is more about building relationships and connections are rarely forged in an instant. Keep this in mind and make sure that you get out and meet people, introduce yourself, and speak openly and with confidence about what your job goal is.
  • Don’t take it personally. Business is driven by numbers and if someone else beat you out this time because his or her resume conveyed a better return on investment, or because he or she got out from behind the computer to seek out potential openings, it doesn’t mean you’re not qualified or that you’ll never get a job. Seek out expert professional assistance to ensure that your resume’s content is as strong as it can be, and for advice on how to conduct an effective job search.
  • Set yourself a routine, a job-hunting routine, and stick to it with determination, self-discipline and tenacity. What you make of life and career is totally in your control – there’s no point to pointing fingers at the economy, at employers who can’t read between the lines of your resume, at bad luck, or any other excuse.

I work with new graduates from every field, and they land jobs in their field. Not part-time low paying jobs, but career-launching, entry-level positions in finance, technology, education, social work, public service, health, marketing, communications, sciences, professional sales and more. Check out the award-winning new grad sample resumes on my website to see what it takes to get taken seriously as a viable candidate. Working to your career success, Stephanie

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