A few weeks ago, a potential client (for whom I’ve now written a resume and cover letter) asked me about the value of adding a QR Code to his resume. My approach with new technology is to wait. And with good reason! You see, recruitment is similar to law in that change comes slowly and there is a great deal of resistance to change (from recruiters and Human Resource departments – precisely the people you have to impress, so I say don’t ignore this fact).

In this weekend’s Globe and Mail (B15, Report on Business Weekend), an article from Wall Street Journal’s staffer, Ruth Mantell, questions the need for QR Codes, infographics, videos and other flashy additions to the resume.

Quoting the chief executive of a US-based executive search firm, the article resolved:

“The substance of a resume is what matters. People who do serious work don’t have to puff it up.”

Fluff and puff, like QR codes and infographics do not prove competency or value; they prove only that you like pretty things on your resume and that you are an early-adapter of technology. Useful for those in related fields, but for most of us? Not really.

If you need help separating what’s critical from what’s not, and with presenting yourself as someone ready to do serious work as a new grad, New Leaf Resumes is at your service!

- Working to your career success, Stephanie.

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