As a professional resume writer whose new grad clients are overwhelmingly successful in landing a job in their field of studies, and having been recognized with two awards for Best New Graduate resumes (these are posted on my website at – take a look!), I figure I have the strategy figured out. But sometimes I get backlash from college and university career centres as I don’t follow their format. Meant to be helping their students with job searches, these are sometimes hindering their students because they are stuck in the past. Today’s blog from master marketer Seth Godin inspired this blog – he wrote, in part:

Not changing your strategy merely because you’re used to the one you have now is a lousy strategy.

This said it all for me. Some career centres move slower than necessary in adapting and changing to address present-day recruitment norms. And the students suffer.

In my experience, many Canadian university career centres continue to insist on an old-fashioned model of cover letter and resume. (Interestingly I have found that many Canadian colleges are moving on to more progressive resume models.) The model is so old-school (in fact, I remember using that model back in the 70s!) that placed next to an ultra-modern infographic resume the differences would be stark. Interestingly I don’t advocate either extreme simply because neither is generally reliable. There is no one-size-fits-all of course and an infographic could work well for an artistic type, but likely not for a law graduate … and then there are all the inbetween roles that should be evaluated individually as to style of resume and so on. I don’t say “never” use one or the other; I say that it all depends on strategy, which takes us back to the quote from Seth Godin.

Your job search, new grad, depends on your developing a strategy. Yes, in part it is a numbers game, that is the more you apply to the faster you will land something. BUT, without a strategy in place you could send out hundreds and generate no interest.

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