InterviewI work with clients from new grad to senior execs, and interview jitters are not uncommon … even amongst senior Human Resource professionals!

I’d like to share a bit of “insider” info might alleviate jitters about making a gaffe, not being able to reply to a question, stumbling over words … all those myriad and very human flaws that make their way into an interview.

In a recent blog post written by Patrick Richard, “5 Ways to Determine the Perfect Fit for Your Job Opening,” found this advice:

Candidates can be tricky, so don’t let a gleaming resume lower your guard. Use your hiring process as a time to get to the “big picture” for each of your candidates by asking the tough questions and involving them with hands-on experiences. Drop the standard hiring process and create a unique multi-faceted way to truly assess your top candidates for each new job opening.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a “gleaming resume”; on the contrary, without one you’re unlikely to get called in for an interview! But it does mean that you must prepare for your interview. Along with a T-chart of how you match the job posting’s requirements, you need to prepare your value proposition and you must address your employer’s “buying motivators.” Without prep work, you are likely going to miss getting that call that says “We’d like to offer you the job.”

If you need help with preparing, I invite you to contact me. I offer either an e-book, Interview Strategies That Work,” or a one hour coaching session that is supported by this e-book.  From a low of $19.95 for the e-book, or $75 for the hour long session plus the e-book, it is a worthwhile investment in successfully launching your new career!

- taking resumes – and interviews – from lacklustre to sparkling, yours in service, Stephanie

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