student with questionI am working with an amazing soon-to-be System Design Engineering grad, a Product Manager of technical products, specifically in persuasive user interface design. It sounds like a great way for someone who loves technology, is full of ideas and likes working in a cross-functional team to make things happen! Along with all this, it incorporates a bit of programming, report writing and even branding/marketing. Wow, that’s pretty diverse.

This client’s resume is actually not too bad. It is, in my opinion, the best new grad resume I’ve seen, pre-rewrite that is! But seriously, its content is quite decent. Where it lacks is in focus, and in its own share of “persuasive user experience”! It doesn’t sell this client’s amazing experience and passion for his field. (His new resume sure does, and it’s coming along very well.)

But this client asked me an interesting question. “I struggled,” he said, “with what to call my internship, and so I put it under a ‘Work Experience’ header in the resume.” I like to err on the side of truthfulness, rather than be potentially misinterpreted as trying to “bamboozle” the reader into believing you are already in the world of full-time employment. (The client further moved his education to the end of page two, which is atypical of most new grad resumes, and could lead a recruiter, ever on the lookout for “obstacles,” to assume a “bamboozle” tactic!)

I am actually writing his new resume now, and have replaced “Work Experience” with “Professional Internship.” That says it all.

Here are a few other ideas for this heading: Special Freelance Projects (or Professional Freelance Projects), Industry Placement/Work Experience, Clinical Training, Law-related Experience – switch that one up for any field of study!

That short list gives you plenty of options within a  mix and match approach.

- Working to YOUR career’s success, Stephanie

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