I recently completed my work for a new grad whose existing resume was quite good. I had worked with his mom before and also wrote a resume for his brother. Mom knew I could take “good” and make it “outstanding”!

I have seen lots, hundreds of new grad resumes, and most of them are not so good. (Sorry!) I have to admit that this “before” was one of the best I had seen. However I love a good challenge. I was able to recreate the resume’s structure, and reposition the bullets’ content and context so that it truly positioned this new grad not as your usual new grad, but as an outstanding potential employee.

Now, I obviously cannot go into parcticulars, but here are a few points that might help you kick your own resume up from “okay” into “wow!”

  • Rather than a skills summary, give yourself a heading! Call yourself what you’re applying to. Product Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Natural Resources Researcher – own the title! Now, challenge yourself to make sure that each line you add below that title proves, in some way, that you have the credentials – skills, education and experience – to rock that role!
  • Make sure you review several job postings and add the hard skills (key words and phrases) that relate to the role. Essential to meet and beat the applicant tracking system algorithms!
  • Don’t forget that your performance is based not only on what you do, but on how well you do it. It’s all related to the bottom line. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes and ask yourself “what do I need from this hire?” Now answer that in your resume.

My young grad client sent me an email in which he thanked me for my work. Well, here are his words”

I am confident that with this new resume I’ll have a better chance at getting those interviews. I intend on adjusting my resume as per the job description demands. All the information you’ve given me regarding ATS has been extremely valuable!
Working to YOUR career’s success, Stephanie



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