businessman looking over his glasses with clipboard on hand - frMake no mistake. Your resume is in competition against hundreds of others. If it’s sub-par, you’ll be out of the competition.

It’s useful to consider a few before and after statements to see what is not so great and what is terrific!

A recent new grad client’s resume (he’s an IT department PC Analyst) began as follows:

Objective: To obtain a full time position as an Integration Centre PC Analyst.

Summary of Qualifications: Completed all offered high school computer science courses and all eligible university computer science courses.

After a few tech-related points about MS, MacOS and Windows OS, he ended his summary with his high school Business and Music Awards.

All right. First of all, we tend to skip that Objective Statement these days. It is old-fashioned and its focus is dead wrong. Expand that into a sentence and you’ll have “My objective is …” It’s not about your objective; rather, it’s about how your credentials fit the employer’s objective.

Secondly, that summary does not inspire confidence in abilities. At all.

Here is the After:

Integration Centre PC Analyst

Versatile and efficient computer/technical resource with proven abilities in role as PC Analyst. Committed to corporate goals of large, multi-site, professional organization as demonstrated by:

* Configuring users’ hardware and software, meeting specificaitons and timelines in fast-paced environment

* Providing users with an outstanding level of dedicated service that includes listening to “wish list” ideas, and proactively developing tech-based solutions to business needs

* Collaboarting with admininstrators, coordinator, and technical resources for maximum productivity in team efforts

That beginning integrates key words and phrases from the job posting, and ideas taken from the new grad’s understanding of the organizational needs (he was working part time in the role already). It doesn’t waste valuable resume real estate on music awards and other non-relevant skills.

Although this soon-to-graduate client was up against more senior internal applicants, he not only landed an interview, he got the full time joboffer  he wanted!

- transforming new grad resumes from mediocre to interview-landing, Stephanie

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