question 2The other day I had a request from a father to conduct interview coaching with his son. I have lots of requests from parents and even grand-parents, aunts, you name it, wanting to help their new grad family member get a foot-hold in the world of real-world employment.

In order to help the client to the best degree possible, I need to know what their background is, hence, if I haven’t written the client’s resume, I must at least read the resume as well as the job posting.

As I read through this client’s resume and cover letter, well, from the moment I opened it, I knew that this looked like one of mine. Even though I don’t stick to one style, I can recognize my work. And as I read it, I knew exactly where I’d written this content. After searching for a bit as I couldn’t recall my client’s name, I found it. Yes indeed, my work had been copied, word for word, and that is called plagiarization. (It seems that the resume client and the interview coaching client had worked for the same employer for awhile.)

First of all, this is not okay simply because plagiarization is a form of theft and is frowned upon in academia, the corporate world, etc.

Secondly, it’s not always a good idea because it may not serve your purpose well. Here’s why. That first resume, from which this interview coaching client copied, was written (as are all my resumes) with strategy. It built that first client’s credentials for his job goal, which was entirely different than the second client’s job goal!

And so, rather than showing alignment between past experience and his career goal, my copy and paste client showed the gap between what he had done and his goal. Had he hired me to write the resume, or had he conducted self-study to determine how one creates a strategy, OR if he had at least not plagiarized, he would be better off. Certainly as a resume strategist I would have created alignment between a seemingly unrelated job and his career goal by referring to transferable skills.

Were he to ask me to write his resume now, I certainly couldn’t write something about integrity, truthfulness, honesty, ethics ….

- dedicated to writing truthful, authentic, influential resumes, Stephanie

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