Foxy letterCover letters, according to recruiters, tend to be boring. After reading many potential clients’ cover letters, I agree! From the ubiquitous “Please accept my cover letter and resume in application for the position of (insert) as advertised in (insert)” to the “Thank you for your time,” cover letters seem to be copy and pasted with little originality.

I will concede that for some professional positions, in more traditional roles (finance and law come to mind), same old is safer than funky. But for an increasing number of roles and employers, off-beat is quite acceptable. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve this.

  • link your key skills or attributes to your favourite colour
  • tell the reader what your favourite food is and why, or how you were introduced to it, or how you’ve converted your friends to love it too
  • share the title of your favourite book, or a recent show that mesmerized you, or an album you can’t get enough of, or a place that draws you

These on their own would be a bit pointless, but developed into a short paragraph that incorporates important info about you, and you’ve got the reader’s attention.

What do you think, marketing majors, IT professionals (aiming for being hired by Google or Apple), creative arts majors, teachers, sales … ? Do you think it would work for you? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your ideas.

If you’d like me to compose a memorable cover letter on your behalf, I’m available!

- creating new strategies to get new grads employed in their chosen field of work – Stephanie 

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