bartenderMy latest new grad client is one amazing young woman! Yes, she paid her way through school by bartending, and also by working in the kitchen of a seniors’ residence. Not unlike many students actually!

But what good is it to fill a resume with bullets like these, taken from her resume?

- Taking food and drink orders and tracking sales in the POS system

- Portioning, plating and serving meals to residents as per dietary needs and restrictions

As she was not entering hospitality or health care, these bullets did nothing at all to position her for the job she actually wanted: quality control or inspection within Canada’s food industry.

Here are a few of the bullets I was able to coin for this client:

- Adhered to food safety protocols, for example, monitoring temperatures of food, fridges, and dishwasher, in assisting with daily food production.

- Co-delivered quality control initiatives to address standards identified by Food Inspectors; reduced infractions from three to zero.

Those are more in line with what the positions she will be applying to will need, and hint at some basic knowledge of this area. (Although she now holds the degree required there is intensive post-grad, on-the-job training for the Food Inspector’s role.)

How about your situation? Did you work retail or hospitality to pay for schooling? Are you having trouble identifying how to position this experience so that it either speaks to your value as an employee or to transferable skills? New Leaf Resumes would enjoy being of service!

- working to Your career’s success, Stephanie, Owner at New Leaf Resumes

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