Young GraduatesIt seems like a long way from graduation to retirement, but as someone who is closing in on retirement age, time honestly zips along.

And the truth is that from your first job, you should be saving – if not for retirement, then for a car, a home, travel, the “what ifs.”

The article linked below provides great, easy-to-follow advice for saving, and I encourage you to read up on how to create a financial cushion, how to make contributions to your retirement part of your regular banking, and more. The article is actually written for nannies, but it’s sound and will work well for almost any profession (unless you’re an investor, in which case you should be able to outperform most of us!).

“Money makes the world go around” goes the song. Here’s the link to “Financial Tips for Being Able to Retire.”

- Thanks for reading! Stephanie

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