Recently I visited a website with funky and jazzy resume formats. Created in a style that was more along the lines of an ad than a document, these resumes were colourful, highly visual and light on content.

The firm’s intended audience is likely more the 20-something than the laid-off 50+ manufacturing worker, but would it benefit a new grad to create a resume that is out-of-the-norm and avant-garde?

My instincts say that no, the average new grad would not benefit from something too unusual. And the way for the new grad to determine whether or not he or she fits my descriptor of “average” is to consider the intended audience. If you’ve graduated from graphic design and are applying to a firm that values the innovative, outrageous and trend-setting, you are exempt. Be creative, daring and outlandish; your skills will find an appreciative audience.

However, if you are a financial studies grad, I suggest your audience will not be impressed by an approach that is loud and perhaps “unprofessional” from their perspective. It’s all about impressing your audience, not friends, and not your own design preferences.

Not sure how to approach your resume? New Leaf is ready, willing and able to support your career with a strategic approach that fits your industry, your level of achievement and you. As owner and principal writer, my aim is to represent you on paper with truth and authenticity and communicate your “fit” to your intended audience. Working to your career success, Stephanie