I am writing a resume for a new grad who aspires to teach elementary school and while conducting a bit of related research, I came across a slightly depressing fact: the “workingincanada.gc.ca” website sites that prospects for new grads in Ontario, graduating as educators, is “limited.” From Windsor to Timmins, almost without exception, the new grad must be prepared to first work as a supply teacher before proceeding to full-time employment.

Not the best of news, but still heartening to hear that there is light at the end of the supply teaching tunnel! Many new grads, though, are finding it challenging to land even a “foot in the door” supply teaching position. How about you? How is your job search going? Here are a few tips:

  • volunteer at a few schools that you have identified as ones where you would love to launch your career. Networking is still the way to faster employment.
  • if you hold a part-time job, for example, in a restaurant, chat up as many people as you can to find a job link. Again, networking is the fastest route to employment.
  • make sure your resume is awesome, not boring! Even after networking, your self-marketing documents, resume and cover, must portray an outstanding candidate.
  • your resume should provide a real idea of how you “work your class-room,” not of how you waitress or serve customers at the local home improvement big box store.

The recruiter doesn’t care that you stocked shelves, served clients or rang up sales; the recruiter needs to hear about how you applied classroom management techniques in your student teacher or internship roles. How can you convey this? Refer to the evaluation prepared by your supervising teacher, share your philosophy of teaching, or mention the technique that works best for you.

I have had many clients, newly graduated from their Bachelor of Education, who went on to land a supply teaching and then permanent teaching role. If you’d like my help, I would be pleased to help you get your career started. I am here, working to your career success!